Samsung Chromebook Series 5 Netbooks

With the resurrection of tablets, the emergence of ultraportable notebooks and the growing power of smartphones, it would be tempting to assume that the netbook is similar to a glacier, destined to disappear. However, netbooks fill the wide gap between tablets and ultraportable notebooks.


Sharing and Displaying Photos during the Reception

Since weddings are quick paced, one-shot events, backing up your image files as you work is imperative. Unless you plan on carrying a pocketful of memory cards, you’ll need a device to store your files so you can unload your memory card and pop it back into the camera. (Always carry spare cards in your kit.)

Meet B&H: The Computer Dept

Did you know that B&H sells computers? In this edition of Meet B&H, we give you a tour of our computer department. Encompassing a sizeable amount of space in the store, there are rows and rows of computers, laptops, tablets, netbooks and accessories, for customers to get a feel for before making an informed decision. Everything from Apple, Acer, Sony, and more.

As a former PCMag staffer, I can genuinely say that this is Toys R Us for geeks.

New Hewlett-Packard Netbooks

Hewlett-Packard has announced new netbooks for the first quarter of 2011. Loaded with fresh styling and the latest components, these new netbooks promise to deliver more bang for the buck than ever before. Two basic models include the Mini 110 and the Mini 210, with slightly different configurations for each model.

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