Netgear Push2TV

Intel WiDi Compatibility in the ASUS U30Jc-B1

More and more people are creating more and more digital content, and editing and storing that content on their notebook computers. With all the HD camcorders and digital cameras in use, there’s just so much content to share. Instead of viewing it on a small notebook computer screen, Intel’s new Wireless Display Technology, or WiDi, lets you display contents from your hard disk, home network or Web browser on your big-screen TV.


Push2TV Wirelessly Connects Your PC to Your TV: It’s Magic

Using a notebook computer as a source for HD content to be viewed on a big screen TV is becoming more and more common. With easy access to downloadable HD content and notebooks having hard drives large enough to store HD content and enough muscle to process it, there’s no reason not to view the content on an HDTV…

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