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On the Trail of Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are great tools for capturing close-up photos and video of wildlife remotely, without running the risk of scaring them off or sustaining personal injury. Strap a camera to a tree or post and set it to take shots automatically while you go about your business elsewhere. When you return, you’ll have great shots that would have been extremely difficult to pull off while holding the camera.

Tips and Processes for Shooting Fireworks

Do you remember that feeling when you were a child and fireworks started bursting in the sky? As a photographer, I think I have that same child-like joy reaction—because I know I am going to get some amazing photographs. Since Fourth of July is right around the corner, I thought I’d share some of my habits, tips and processes when shooting fireworks. Most people try to capture a few pretty fireworks shots when they shoot. I aim for about 50.

Editor's Note: This is a guest blog post from Luke Ballard.

We Now Present: Jeff Cable's Greatest Hits

Is Jeff Cable a smooth, Vegas-style crooner? A flügelhorn virtuoso? A singing cowboy? Nope. Jeff is a talented photographer and an excellent public speaker, and B&H has been fortunate to have him host a number of lectures at our Event Space. Recently, it came to our attention that the YouTube videos of his presentations have racked up nearly half a million views, which is impressive, considering that most of them are well over an hour in length. We decided to mark the occasion by sharing this collection of Jeff Cable’s Greatest Hits.

Harold Davis: Creative Vision and Craft in Digital Photography

In this exciting presentation, Harold Davis will demonstrate his unique vision, which blends painstaking craft and respect for the aesthetic traditions of art and photography with an informed attitude toward the tools of digital photography and today’s latest technologies.

Night Visions

Gabriel Biderman explores the images that can be created at night when you expose for seconds, minutes, and even hours with film and digital cameras.

Night Photography – Shooting in the Dark

One of the most valuable lessons that I apply to photography on a daily basis was actually taught to me by a theater professor in college, well before I had a passion for taking pictures. “The most interesting characters are the ones that struggle between good and bad. Show me this conflict,” Dr Edwards said, “because it is this conflict that we are drawn to.”

Landscapes and Social Media with Jim Goldstein

Jim Goldstein is a full-time professional photographer based in San Francisco, CA. He captures landscapes and nature, and is an established travel photographer. He also embraces social media, and is highly active on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Google + amongst others, such as We took some time to talk to Jim about his techniques, social media strategies, how landscapes inspire him, and his new eBook.

The Epic Battle Between Choosing Star Trails Over Star Points

One of the main reasons why photographers lug their cameras around when the sun goes down, is to capture the night sky. For a lot of us, this means leaving the bright lights of the city in search of where the stars shine the brightest. Until recently, the only way a photographer could successfully capture the night sky was with long exposures that resulted in star trails. If you wanted to capture star points, or a more celestial night, exposures needed to be less than 30 seconds. Otherwise, the earth’s rotation turned the points into trails. But with DSLRs now capable of capturing cleaner ISO output at 1600 and 3200, we are entering a new celestial era that would make Van Gogh proud! 

So whether you choose the drama of the longer star trails or the subtler star points, here are some tips to follow.

How to Photograph Lightning

Photographs of lightning aren't particularly difficult to take. It's mostly a matter of being prepared to get a good image when lightning appears.

My friend Christina Lawrie is much better at photographing lightning than I am. Here's how she does it.

Taking Photos in Available Light at Night

When traveling during holiday season, many people don't want to bring a studio's worth of gear with them. But taking pictures in low light won't always give users the most pleasing results. Here are a couple of workarounds to get better photos while carrying less gear.


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