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Photo Adventure in Namibia: Starry Nights and Red Forests!

One of the top pro photographers at is Jim Zuckerman, who loves to share his vision, as well as his techniques.

Digital Star Trails: A Step by Step Guide

We all know that the best parts of the shooting day are around sunrise and sunset. But you don’t have to stop when the Sun goes down. Star trails are a really fun way to make some unique images and squeeze a little more photography into your photo safari or vacation. Star trails used to be exclusive to film cameras. The high noise found in long exposures of early digital cameras made digital star trails a mess.



Put Pizzazz in Your Pics: Shoot at Twilight!

Do your pictures tend to elicit more "ho-hums" than "a-has"? One reason may have to do with the quality of light. In short, fine light adds visual impact. When planning workshops and our own personal outings, I think about the light just as much as I do about the subject.

Gearing Up for Night Photography

This is my third year of teaching night photography workshops in the Mojave Desert with light-painting expert Troy Paiva. The workshops are held at a world-class junkyard called Pearsonville that has hundreds of rare '50s to '70s cars, trucks and buses. We spend three nights under the full moon making long-exposure photographs of classic cars.


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