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Star Light, Star Bright:Morovision Lights the Night

Morovision's MONOCAM adapter is a simple, yet ingenious, device that merges the immediacy and simplicity of digital photography with the covert surveillance capabilities of night vision technology. The MONOCAM is designed exclusively for the Olympus 1030 SW digital camera, and its tension-set clamp will accept a PVS-14 or an MV-14 night vision monocular. The MONOCAM concept is remarkably simple: it can be assembled, powered-up, and fully operational in seconds. Because the MONOCAM system relies upon the photographic genius of the Olympus 1030 SW, you don't have to be Ansel Adams to make the shot – all you have to do is point and shoot.

The MONOCAM set-up we received for review included a premium ITT NEPVS-14 night vision monocular. This state-of-the-art nighttime optic features a 3rd generation ITT "Pinnacle" intensifier tube rated at 64 lp/mm, manual gain control, an integral infrared illuminator, and it operates on a single "AA" battery.

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