Stealthy Cameras for Stealthy People

Why be a fly on the wall at an event or wedding, when you can be a ninja? There are many photographers that love to be stealthy in their own ways. If you'd like to learn the ways of the ninja photographer, then check out these cameras to help you get started.

Harley Davidson Camera Cases

There are some really cool-looking, rugged digicams out there these days. But regardless of how much attitude your camera exudes while in your hand, the moment you tuck it away, it becomes just another vanilla-flavored weenie cam in a nebbish belt pouch. Not so with the new line of Harley Davidson digicam pouches from Olympus

Hot products from CES 2010

PowerShots for Everyone

For the better part of a decade, Canon PowerShot A-Series cameras have offered a respectable set of features at an affordable price. Excellent resolution, sharp Canon optics, and quality handling have made the cameras extremely popular with budget conscious shutterbugs. Though never quite as compact or sleek as the Digital ELPH line, the PowerShot A-Series has always been renowned for capturing high-quality images with ease.


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