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Journeying Through the Viewfinder

Join professional photographer Thomas Donley for an exploration of the creative process. Take a leap forward regarding how you relate to your camera and what is available for you both creatively and personally. Explore how photography can enhance the way you see and experience the world.

Livestream Studio HD500: All-In-One Portable Live Production Switcher and Broadcaster

Join Livestream’s CEO, Max Haot, and Corey Behnke, Head of Global Production, for a look at how anyone with a video camera can live-stream their events. During this session, they discuss the benefits of live-streaming an event, and demonstrate two products, one for the beginner and one for the advanced video producer.

Røde iXY Stereo Recording Microphone for iPhone and iPad

In this video we take a look at the new Røde iXY Stereo Recording Microphone for iPhone and iPad. Used in conjunction with the Røde Rec app available on iTunes, the iXY is the first mic to deliver stereo recordings for iOS devices at resolutions of up to 24-bit/96 kHz.  A foam windshield and protective zip case are included, making it easy to turn your iPhone or iPad into a portable audio recorder at a moment’s notice.

Shooting Film in the Digital Age, and Other Conundrums

In a world of digital everything, there are still times when a roll or sheet of film brings with it a particular charm. Mixing many of the available possibilities, David Burnett demonstrates what one photographer’s choices can produce.

How to Create Awe-Inspiring Underwater Photos

More and more people want to bring their cameras into the water. Some just want snapshots in the family pool, while others want to document the underwater world for magazines, books and the Internet. Join underwater photographers Larry Cohen and Mike Rothschild as they talk about using cameras underwater.

Audio for DSLR Part 2: XLR Mics

In Part 2 of our series of videos about audio for DSLR video, we take a look at how various XLR microphones (handheld dynamics, lavaliers, shotguns and small-diaphragm condensers) can be used to improve the audio quality of your DSLR video productions.

Transitioning Your Personal Project into Commercial Work and Back

This past summer, photographer Jen Pottheiser embarked on a personal project based on the people she encountered in her commercial assignments. In June and July, she spent five weeks documenting the lives of nine remarkable “Olympic Moms.”

Real Exposures: Eileen Rafferty

In this episode of Real Exposures, David Brommer interviews photographer Eileen Rafferty, who is the force behind Butterflies and Anvils, a photographic journal about inspiration and art. Rafferty also discusses the importance of education for the photographer and how best to  develop your photographic skills, including how to choose an MFA program.

What's in Your Bag?: Traveling Light on Assignment with Model Shoot

This is a question often asked of photographers, with a range of answers. There are some photographers who work with an austere kit, carrying a camera, a few lenses, and the bare essentials, while others carry everything—including the kitchen sink.

Learning to Create Pleasing Blurs

Nature photographers Denise Ippolito and Arthur Morris co-authored the hugely popular eBook, “A Guide to Pleasing Blurs,” and their program covers the great variety of techniques that can be used to create pleasingly blurred images, mostly in-camera in the field, and at times, during post processing.


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