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Sony Cyber-shot RX10

In the following video, Mia McCormick, of Kelby Media, discusses the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 digital camera and presents an in-depth overview of its video-related assets. McCormick explores the camera's basic features, including its imaging and focusing capabilities, and then delves into how these core features translate to a well-rounded camera.

Specialized Techniques and Tools for Creative Storytelling with HD-DSLRs

Multiple award-winning DP Kirk Neff shares his cutting-edge techniques using HD-DSLRs to create a beautiful cinematic look in the fast-paced world of long format news and documentary television. Neff has honed his skills during a 20-year career, shooting on five continents.

Wedding Photography Workflow

Join Vanessa Joy as she teaches the ins and outs of her wedding photography business. Everything from customer relations and product delivery to developing a studio system and getting your albums and products out on time to your clients will be covered in this jam-packed seminar.

Eleven Simple Secrets to Better Pictures

It’s no secret that great photos start with great lenses. Tamron’s “Eleven Simple Secrets for Better Photos” seminars are designed for anyone who wants to take better photos of the things that mean most to them. Topics include understanding light, point of view, composition, as well as knowing and experimenting with your lens.

Arlene Collins Presents her Photographs from North Korea

Social documentary photographer Arlene Collins presents her recent photographs from North Korea. In July Arlene photographed in the capital Pyongyang and traveled south to Kaesong and to the DMZ, the Demilitarized Zone.

Travel Photography that Creates Lasting Impressions, with Remember Forever Photography

99% of people with cameras approach travel and landscape photography the same way. 99% of photographs you see of any given subject or landscape are all but identical. Even the ones that are different are the same.  Remember Forever’s Luke Ballard takes you on a journey,  showing you how to make outstanding travel photos of the places you visit.

Lightroom 5 - Harness the Develop Module for Creative Impact

Join landscape photographer and Canson Infinity ambassador Robert Rodriguez Jr as he leads you through his creative workflow when processing RAW files in Lightroom.

Photographing those Close-Up Flower Portraits When Tripods or Monopods Are Forbidden

One of the greatest frustrations of floral photography is attending an indoor flower show fully prepared for close-up photography using long macro lenses and discovering tripods or monopods are not allowed. (They’re forbidden inside the NYBG Conservatory because they impede traffic on narrow, crowded walkways).

Underwater Photography: Everything You Need To Know From P&S to DSLR to Mirrorless Cameras

More and more people want to bring their cameras into the water. Some just want snapshots in the family pool while others want to document the underwater world for magazines, books and the internet. Join underwater photographer Larry Cohen as he talks about the use of cameras when used underwater.

Mobile Photography Workshop with Sony QX

Join Sony and Tinker*Mobile photographer Jessica Zollman (@Jayzombie), for a workshop all about improving your mobile photography skills. We focus on how to create beautiful, clean, and high quality photographs—also giving you an in-depth tutorial on the new Sony QX lens-style camera. In this workshop Zollman covers composition, direction, accessories, and applications.


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