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GoPro Hero3+ Video Review

The GoPro HERO3+ cameras are available in two models: the HERO3+ Black Edition Camera and the HERO3+ Silver Edition. Both models feature a lighter and smaller waterproof housing than their predecessors. They also have batteries that last longer, and more powerful Wi-Fi capabilities for enhanced wireless performance.

LenovoEMC Storage Solutions

In this video review, we discuss how storage requirements for casual and small business users have expanded, as well as  the solutions that Lenovo EMC presents to help consumers with their data storage needs. We showcase the Lenovo EMC px2-300d, px-4 300d, and the px6-300d, with it's own capacity ranges (from two-bay to six-bays of storage space for your hard drives).

An Introduction to TtV Photography

To paraphrase Newton…for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If we call the introduction of digital photography the action, then we might also say that the keen interest in vintage techniques and processes is a reaction.

Shooting for a Successful Wedding Business

After 74 years, Fred Marcus Studio, in New York, continues to set the standard for wedding photography. But behind all the images is a business that has also thrived. Brian Marcus, the third generation of Fred Marcus Studio, here shares his experiences, secrets, and ideas for running and maintaining a successful studio.

Intro to DxO FilmPack 4 and Its Fabulous Creative Palette

Tired and overwhelmed with complex software interfaces? Come and hang out with Hector Martinez, Channel Sales and Education Manager from DxO labs, at the B&H Event Space, and learn the true power of the traditional.

Visual Storytelling with Red Giant

Colorist and Adobe Certified Master Trainer Simon Walker explores how color-grading techniques are used in film, and he provides practical demonstrations on how to create moods, suggest genres, and inform the audience of the motivations of on-screen protagonists, using Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Suite of plug-ins.

First Look: New Line of Weather-Tough Bags from Manfrotto

Manfrotto has released a new collection of Pro and Advanced water-repellent bags for carrying the gear that professionals and advanced hobbyists need by their side. The bags include the Pro line of backpacks, holsters, roller bags, and shoulder bags and the Advanced line of holsters, shoulder and sling bags and Gear, Active, and Tri backpacks.

B&H Prospectives: Headshot Photography, with Peter Hurley

In this second episode of our new series, Prospectives, much sought-after headshot photographer Peter Hurley explains his approach to taking a headshot. From the tools he uses, to creating rapport with the client, Hurley demonstrates the different elements that will make one's photography look strong and professional.

An Introduction to the New Sony® Cyber-shot® DSC-RX100 II and DSC-RX1R

Sony’s Technical Training Staff was on site at B&H Photo to present the exciting new Cyber-Shot Digital Still Cameras: the DSC-RX100 II and the DSCRX1R. In this video, they discuss all of the new advances and enhancements that have been made to these products, to help you achieve their potential with your own photographic experience.

Adobe InDesign for Photographers

While Photoshop is one of the most popular software programs for photographers of all levels, InDesign has unique features that can be useful for photographers who want to create albums, templates or portfolios. The ability to create multi-page documents separates InDesign from Photoshop, which allows photographers to go beyond just editing their images.


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