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Adobe InDesign for Photographers

While Photoshop is one of the most popular software programs for photographers of all levels, InDesign has unique features that can be useful for photographers who want to create albums, templates or portfolios. The ability to create multi-page documents separates InDesign from Photoshop, which allows photographers to go beyond just editing their images.

Hands-On Review: Sony Alpha A3000 Digital Camera

Join Larry Becker, of Kelby Media, as he presents the new Sony Alpha A3000 digital camera. Becker explores the unique DSLR-shaped mirrorless camera and its imaging and video capabilities, including low-light performance, shooting modes, and other creative and automated modes.

Guide to Photographic Alternative Processes

As technology advances in the world of photography, a passionate crowd of professionals, students, and hobbyists is returning to the darkroom in search of a more authentic, handmade feel to their art. Jill Enfield’s Guide to Photographic Alternative Processes shows how to do just that.

Master the Lightroom 5 Print Module

Join photographer and Canson Infinity ambassador Robert Rodriguez Jr as he explains and illustrates how you can harness the power of the Lightroom 5 Print module to create fine art prints. He discusses soft proofing, print layouts and templates, paper selection, and all the optimum settings that can help you make great prints in Lightroom 5.

Bass Station II Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

In the follow video, Rob Rives, from B&H, demonstrates the Novation Bass Station II Synthesizer, its setup, and some of the sounds it is capable of producing. He discusses its build quality and connectivity as well as talking about how it has been updated from the original model.

Cameleon: The Photo App You Have Been Waiting For

Photo apps for smart phones have been proliferating the digital landscape for the past several years. Some have embraced kitsch, while others have shortcomings that could potentially hold you back from capturing your keenest images.

Zeiss T* Lenses

In the following video, Larry Becker presents four wide-angle Distagon T* lenses from Zeiss. The video explores the 15mm f/2.8, 21mm f/2.8, 25mm f/2, and the 35mm f/1.4 lenses and touches on their practical optical performance, including commentary on their manual-focus design, build quality, and different mounts. Becker also showcases examples of how the lenses perform.

Lexar Strives to Increase Efficiency with the Professional Workflow Reader Solution

Lexar has recently introduced the Professional Workflow Reader Solution, a system that revolves around a modular design for employing up to four different card readers at a single time to increase speed and efficiency when transferring large quantities of data from memory cards.

How To Light a Wedding Perfectly Using the New GL-1 LED Light, with Brian Marcus

Brian Marcus, the co creator of the GL-1, guides you through the processes and techniques that make this revolutionary product so successful for his professional workflow.

Creative Color Control for Photographers: Workflow and More

Join us as we cover color management for creative photographers from start to finish, with special focus on the major building blocks of effective and efficient workflow. The presentation will begin with "getting it right in the camera" using advanced camera profiling, and continue with choosing and calibrating your display.


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