A Brief Look at Using Flash Modifiers at a Wedding

Flash modifiers are essential to the kit of many wedding photographers because of the light-harnessing abilities they offer in portable packages. Since each photographer is different and has their own unique style, different items may appeal to different photographers. In this video, I talk a bit about some popular flash modifiers to use at weddings and provide some insights on how to use them creatively. To read more about this, check out this previous blog post.

A Talk With James Madelin: Creator of the Orbis

The ring flash effect in photography has recently been gaining more and more popularity. Many amateur photographers have been trying to create their own homebrew versions, with varying degrees of success. James Madelin, the creator of the Orbis, started doing this years ago until he created a product now widely used in commercial photography. BHInsights decided to do a quick interview with him on how he created the product, and what influenced him.


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