Tough Cameras

At B&H, we currently stock about 100 point-and-shoot cameras; all of them are capable of shooting terrific photographs, and in most cases, video. The choices are far narrower, however, for those seeking digicams that can take an occasional dunk in the drink, an accidental fall, a tropical schvitz, or a high-altitude freeze. If this describes your lifestyle, the following 10 digicams are specifically designed to take a rougher ride than most of the larger, pricier cameras we sell at B&H (and at a fraction of the price!).

Extreme Telephoto

For many shooters, telephoto lenses are a means of bringing distant scenes closer, and for the most part, this is an accurate description of what telephoto lenses do. But there's more to telephoto lenses than narrow fields of view. Perspective, compression of spatial relationships between subjects within the frame and the dynamics of selective focus are equally part of the game.

Mid-Level DSLR

When categorizing the many DSLRs we carry at B&H into three groups—entry level, midrange and professional— there are some models that, depending on their attributes, price points or your point of view, fall into more than one camp. Our selection of mid-range DSLRs is no exception. You can call them "Mid-Range" cameras, but a few of them are well up to the challenge of full-time pro shooting.


In the right hands, almost any lens—including a fisheye lens—can be used for portraiture. Wide angle, normal, even super-telephoto lenses can be used successfully for portrait work. But if you had to narrow them down to select an optimal focal length for shooting portraits, it would have to be a lens in the range of 85 to 105mm.

Entry-Level DSLR

In the process of trying to organize the dozens of DSLRs we sell at B&H into their respective price and performance categories for our 2010 Holiday DSLR roundup, it was impossible to not notice how much bang you get for your hard-earned bucks these days—and in a choice of formats and colors, no less.

Pentax X90

The Pentax X90 Super zoom camera features a 26X zoom that extends from 26-676mm. The interface makes it easy to access all the menus and make fast adjustments.

Pentax K-7 Test-Drive

Pentax is serious about making top of the line DSLRs. All you have to do to prove it to yourself is pick up the new K-7. The camera body - weatherproofed magnesium-alloy body panels wrapped around a stainless steel chassis - fills the hand with a very solid presence and lacks the polycarbonate feel of many lesser-priced DSLRs. And then you have what can only be described as a serious list of features.


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