personal media player

Archos 3cam Vision

Archos, the long-time manufacturer of personal media players, has combined the three most popular activities of media consumption—listening to music, watching video and viewing photos—with a video/still camera and FM radio all in a pocket touch screen. You can save radio shows or use the internal mic for voice recording. There's even a built-in FM transmitter. And the Archos 3cam Vision is priced less than better-known media players.

Aluratek's Cinepal Personal Media Player

Though personal media players have been dominated by one manufacturer whose name starts with "A" (not Archos), not everyone needs a touchscreen or Wi-Fi to be entertained. When it comes to enjoying videos, slideshows, and music, there's something to be said for an inexpensive portable. With its generous 8.9-inch (1024 x 600) screen, kickstand, remote, USB and SD inputs, and HDTV output, Cinepal from aspiring A-lister Aluratek could turn a few heads.

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