Multi-Track Field Recording Gets Affordable with the Tascam DR-680

In today's crowded field of portable digital audio recorders (Tascam alone has seven different models on the market), the new DR-680 has managed to carve out an impressive niche for itself. It's currently the most affordable battery-powered field recorder that's capable of recording six separate microphone inputs onto their own individual track. That's big news for anyone on a tight budget who's involved with producing reality television, live music recordings, or any job where numerous microphones need to be recorded discretely. There are other portable recorders on the market that can accomplish these tasks, but the closest competitor costs over three times as much. This machine has rewritten the rules of what is and what is not possible on a strict location audio budget.

How To Strap $15,000 of Gear to Your Body and Stand in the Rain

Location sound... looking cool isn't the first priority.Is it Grimace? Is it the Grim Reaper? Nope. It's a prepared location audio professional who is protecting their investment and getting the job done.  This morning on my 10 minute walk from the train to the office, I witnessed a weather anomaly that I'd never experienced before. This is my 18th year as a resident of the Northeastern United States, and I don't know the official stats, but this winter sure seems like one of the worst.

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