B&H Featured Flickr Photos 4/01/2011

Are your photos featured this week? Read more to see this week's selection from our B&H Photo Flickr Group. If you haven't joined already, what are you waiting for?

Rummage Sale of Dreams

 In this tight economy buying new video equipment is painful to contemplate, but if need – or longing – dictates, the pain can be eased with a trip to the B&H Used Department . 

The Tallest, Strongest Tripod for Under $100

The industry's tallest, strongest tripods are usually made of carbon fiber, assembled in Europe, and cost tons of money. Buyers are typically well-funded professionals or hobbyists with a lot of disposable income. While a pro set of $900+ sticks might not be in the cards for everyone, serious photographers and video makers would do well to consider the budget-friendly Slik Pro 700DX.

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