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Okii Introduces Two USB Remote Control Solutions for Canon DSLRS

If you’re shooting photos or HD video with a Canon DSLR, the Okii FC1 USB Focus Controller might become one of your most indispensible tools. It works with Canon’s USB protocol and lets you conveniently pull focus from one object to another without losing your preset focal points.

Kelly Moore Camera Bags: Sweet Southern Style

Kelly Moore bags are a refreshing change for anyone who wants a multifunctional camera bag with personality and fun written all over it. While remaining stylish and comfortable, not to mention providing great protection for equipment, Kelly Moore bags are what photographers want and need for transporting their gear.

New Petrol Bags Carrying Case for LED Light Panel Systems and Accessories

Due to the addition of high-definition video in devices ranging from high-end DSLRs, down to handheld pocket camcorders, it is now possible to shoot HD quality video in more ways and more locations than ever before. 

B&H’s Best Bag for your Buck Roundup

No matter what type, brand, or model your camera happens to be, you will inevitably need to find a way to store, protect, and carry it, along with all the other gear you may need. 

You're Never in a Fix with a Leatherman in Your Pocket

Maybe you’ve seen the movie 127 Hours, or perhaps you know the story of Aron Ralston. It’s a true story. In 2003, Aron Ralston was hiking alone in Utah when a boulder fell on his arm, pinning him in place. Suffice it to say that after five days of being stuck, Aron used a dull multi-tool to help free himself; according to Aron, it was not a Leatherman multi-tool.

New SWIVI External Monitor for DSLRs Gives you the Big Picture

It’s true that the displays on most new DSLRs measure at least three inches, and many of them offer impressive resolution as well. But the fact of the matter is that three inches really isn’t all that large, especially for individuals with less than perfect vision. 

Think Tank Camera Bags & Cases for Thinking Photographers

Whenever photographers start comparing notes with designers, it’s only a matter of time before the topic of “sensible” camera bags comes up. In the case of Think Tank Photo, such discussions have resulted in an extensive line of rugged and practical bags, cases and accessories. 

Jobu Design Pro2 Gimbal Head

The Jobu Design Pro2 gimbal head is the latest flagship of Jobu’s well-regarded Black Widow line of gimbal heads, which are crucial for supporting extremely heavy, long lenses. This Pro2 version is lighter than its predecessor by a couple of ounces, and it’s also quite a bit stiffer and stronger.

Nasty Clamps Squeeze You into Tight Spaces

I can think of more than a few instances where a Zylight Nasty Clamp could have made taking pictures in ridiculously tight and tangled environments a whole lot easier. 

ioShutter Fires Your SLR with an iPhone or iPad

Photographers may want to remove their earphones for this one. There’s an unlikely reason to use the headphone jack on their iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. By connecting the ioShutter Shutter Release Cable between it and your Canon, Pentax or Hasselblad, among other cameras, you’ll have touch-screen control through a free downloadable app.


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