Photo Accessories

The Reception: Where The Action Is

The wedding reception is where you win your battle stars. Events unfold quickly and sometimes simultaneously. You have to be very organized to stay on top of the action here. Enter the arena armed with cameras, lenses and battery-powered, on-camera or handle-mounted flashes.

Sharing and Displaying Photos during the Reception

Since weddings are quick paced, one-shot events, backing up your image files as you work is imperative. Unless you plan on carrying a pocketful of memory cards, you’ll need a device to store your files so you can unload your memory card and pop it back into the camera. (Always carry spare cards in your kit.)

Choosing Your Camera: Know What You Need

In the days when film was king, medium format was the camera of choice for wedding photographers because the larger negative produced a better image, and cropping a large negative didn’t really degrade anything.

Event-Ready Bags and Cases

Even among the likeminded, you’ll find those who prefer standard-issue shoulder bags, and others who go for photo backpacks, sling and holster-style bags or hard cases.

Lighting Systems for Wedding Photography

After cameras and lenses, the third slice of your wedding gear triad is your choice of lighting gear. The most basic system revolves around a dedicated TTL (through the lens) flashgun mounted on your camera’s hot shoe (or preferably on an adjustable flash bracket). 

The Wedding Photographer's Guide to Outdoor Lighting

With the right tools, outdoor wedding photography can be a nice contrast to the more formal, controlled-light look of photographs taken within the confines of a catering hall or other wedding-centric indoor location.

A Portrait Studio at the Reception

Most catering halls are designed with photography in mind—they often have a choice of backgrounds in the form of fountains, sweeping stairways, polished brass and crystal-laden lighting fixtures that can really dress up group portraits.

No Special Glasses, Either: Linhof 3D Micro Leveling Geared Head

In a world increasingly crowded in 3D-branded products, Linhof’s new 3D Micro Leveling Geared Head is one of the few 3D products that doesn’t require dedicated 3D glasses. Even better is the new geared head’s design and precision functionality.

Cutting-Edge Connectivity: Lexar Professional USB 3.0 CF/SD Card Reader

Lexar has announced its first 500MB/sec USB 3.0 CF/SD Card Reader, which can reportedly transfer data  six times faster than comparable USB 2.0 card readers. Quick enough to keep up with the read/write speeds of the fastest UDMA/SDXC/UHS-1-based memory cards currently on the market.

Underwater Photography

At B&H we stock a number of cameras designed specifically for use underwater, and most of them are relatively easy to use. We also stock a selection of rugged, waterproof point-and-shoot cameras that can be used―depending on the make and model―down to 30-plus feet below the surface of the water.


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