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It Takes Pictures, But is Your Phone a Camera?

Back in the 1960s there was a car called the Amphicar, which as its name suggested, was a car and a boat, depending on whether you were tooling up the boulevard or up the canal. Though it was designed and manufactured in Germany, the engine and electrical system of these four-seater convertibles was English, which in itself should have served as a red flag for anyone considering one.

Impact Mini LiteTrek (LT) Battery and Power Pack System

If you own a battery-powered accessory flash you're well aware of the shortcomings of AA batteries, which include recycling times that start off slow and rapidly become progressively slower, accompanied by a power supply that sputters to a halt far too soon.

Eighteen Important Items to Bring on Wilderness Photo Shoots

So you’re going on a photo shoot, maybe even shoot some video. Presumably you’re bringing at least one camera, some memory cards and maybe some extra lenses and a tripod. But what other items might be useful?

Improvised Rain Cover

If you take a lot of pictures or shoot a lot of video, there will come a time when you will have to use your camera in the rain, though probably not by choice. Perhaps you’ll be on an assignment that can’t be rescheduled, or maybe touring an attraction that you won’t be revisiting. Mother Nature doesn’t plan the weather around your schedule, so it’s going to be raining.

A Guide for the Well-Equipped Birdwatcher

Enough about Angry Birds already!  Real birds don’t strap themselves into slingshots, as any birdwatcher, a.k.a. birder, will tell you. They know because they observe the chirpy critters in the wild or in urban parks. They spy on flocks through binoculars. They snap pictures; they take notes. High-tech birders can think of better uses for their mobile screens than playing games.

Marshall 7-Inch High-Resolution Field Monitor

The monitors built into digital cameras and camcorders have been improved dramatically. Some are now more than three inches in size. But that’s still too small for most professionals, so they use camera-top field monitors to judge the quality of high-resolution digital stills and HD video. The Marshall V-LCD70XP-HDMIPT is a 7-inch field monitor loaded with new features such as HDMI Loop-Through and DSLR Ratio Adjustment.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i Road Test

If you ask a photographer if they can recommend an easy to use, entry-level DSLR that can shoot stills, HD video and offers an impressive list of pro-level features, there’s an excellent chance that they'll name Canon’s EOS Rebel.

Vello Wireless ShutterBoss Remote Switch

Most photographers keep their camera safely suspended by a protective neck strap, ensuring that they don’t drop it. They go wherever they have to in order to get the shot they’re after. But some photographers have to operate multiple cameras, sometimes mounted far out of reach, triggering them remotely when the time is right.

Darkroom: Introduction

In these digital times, most photographers have migrated away from the traditional wet darkroom process, in favor of the DSLR and the inkjet printer. However, if you have ever watched a silver-gelatin print developing in a darkroom tray, you will probably never forget the feeling of watching an image bloom on a blank piece of paper right before your eyes.

Traveling Light

For professionals, weekend warriors or newbies to the sport of taking pictures, the lure of new gear is a never-ending temptation. And let’s face it; we truly need that new lens, new flash, battery grip and whatever else the camera manufacturers announce on a never-ending basis.


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