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Steering Clear of the RAW Format "Wars"

Most professionals (and serious photographers) working digitally, shoot RAW files. They usually do so because of the incredible degree of control and the higher image quality that comes with RAW files. Being able to correct white balance after the fact is one of the many great things about RAW files. The worst thing about RAW files, in my mind, is what I call the ongoing proprietary RAW file wars. In this blog entry, I will talk about what you need to know to stay clear of the RAW format wars.

Free "Windows Live Essentials" Upgrade Adds Movie Maker, Photo Fuse and More

Windows 7 users expecting to find Movie Maker on their computers as they had with Windows XP have been in for a rude disappointment—until today. Starting June 24 you can download a free upgrade called Windows Live Essentials, which not only includes Movie Maker but also some clever new photo-editing functions, plus enhanced mail and messenger features and the ability to access 25GB of free online storage, too.

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