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Taming the Sun: Lens Flare, and How to Deal with It

Every experienced photographer knows and fears lens flare. Most often, we associate it with those horribly distracting 'stars' of light we see through our viewfinder and in our images when shooting into the sun. But not everyone knows that lens flare doesn't only affect those shots—it is part of every image we capture. So knowing how to reduce its effect is a valuable tool in many shooting situations.

5 Photography Composition Tips by Sandy Puc'

Photographers often ask me about the composition of my photographs, and why I settled on composing images in a particular way. I typically respond with the five tips that I was once taught during my early learning stages of photography. Here are some great rules of thumb on how to creatively think about and do composition.

Street Life: Tips For Successful Street Photography

I'm a lover of street photography. It's what inspired me to pick up a camera and shoot. It became fairly addictive. There is nothing like capturing or "stealing" a moment. So many special things happen day to day, which are just fragments in our lives. I find it interesting to watch people, observe and capture a brief snapshot of their lives.

Tips from Townsend, Part 2

In our 2nd installment of Photo Tips from Townsend T Stith (The Photographic Instruction Book, 1903, Sears Roebuck & Company) has to do with choosing the best gear for outdoor picture-taking. Keep in mind his comments and recommendations are a century old, which makes Mr. Stith's thoughts insightful from both an historic as well as contemporary point-of-view.

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