Gaffers Tape: The Photo and Video Pro's Unsung Hero

Gaffers Tape—like duct tape—can resolve many of the world's problems. Photographers constantly use gaffers tape as a quick fix to get around many of the obstacles that they face every day, due to the fact that it is tough, heat resistant, and it doesn't leave nasty residue. I spoke to many of my photographer friends here at B&H about how they've used gaffers tape. Here are some of the ways that they've used the sticky lifesaver. 

Seven Secret Items to Keep in Your Camera Bag During a Wedding

"Camera: check. Lenses: check. Flashes: check. Spare R-strap: check. Wait, what?" There are a couple of items that wedding photographers may never think to keep in their bag. Many of these items are good to have, just in case something goes awry. Here's a list of seven things you may want to keep in your bag that you may not have thought of.

The Power of Shooting Abbreviated Subject Matter

Less is more. We always hear that, don’t we? But how exactly does this concept apply in photography? 

Oftentimes it means composing an image based around simplicity, where minimal subject matter exists in the frame and everything that doesn’t communicate the intended feel or message of the image is eliminated. 

Thursday Musings for 10/21/2010

Need a break and want to look at something really cool and interesting? Why not take a look at some compelling photography-related content from around the web today. If you're a baseball fan, a photographer interested in your legal rights, love clowns, or a fan of John Mayer, you're in luck.

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