Photographic Instruction Book

Tips from Townsend, Part 2

In our 2nd installment of Photo Tips from Townsend T Stith (The Photographic Instruction Book, 1903, Sears Roebuck & Company) has to do with choosing the best gear for outdoor picture-taking. Keep in mind his comments and recommendations are a century old, which makes Mr. Stith's thoughts insightful from both an historic as well as contemporary point-of-view.

The World of Photography According to Townsend T Stith

In March of 1903 Sears Roebuck & Company published a wonderful book titled ‘The Photographic Instruction Book’ by Townsend T Stith. The subtitle of this book required lifting with one’s knees – ‘A Systematic Course and Illustrated Hand-Book on the Modern Practices of Photography in All Its Various Branches for Amateur and Professional’. Now keep in mind this was 1903, when the term ‘New Media’ – if it had been coined back then – would have referred to the transition from wet plates to film.

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