B&H Photo Flickr Group Featured Photos 2/18/2011

Are your photos featured this week? Read more to see this week's selection from our B&H Photo Flickr Group. If you haven't joined already, what are you waiting for? 

Photography and Human Sight: How We See

 Why do certain photographs appeal to us so much while others do little to spark our interest? Sometimes it has to do with our emotional connection to the subject matter, but more often it has to do with human evolution and the way that we see.

And the Winner of the B&H Photo Flickr Group Cold Contest is...

Congratulations to John Beene: the winner of our B&H Photo Flickr Group Cold Contest with his image, "Investigator." John will be receiving a $100 gift card as a prize. To see his image larger, click here.

We'd like to thank all the participants in the B&H Photo Flickr group contest. This was an extremely tough decision and the Social Media team took quite a while to pick the winning photo. Be sure to stay tuned; we'll be holding contests with bigger and better prizes.

Birding on a Budget

If you enjoy outdoor photography, birds are one of the most challenging subjects you can try to capture. The very nature of bird photography—trying to capture small, fast-moving subjects from a distance—evokes visions of monster lenses costing nearly as much as a quality used vehicle. Without question, serious birders typically have serious gear.

The Geography of Youth: A Worldwide Documentary Photo Project

A couple of years ago, former B&H Marketing Rep Alan Winslow and his girlfriend Morrigan set out on a project to bike around the entire United States of America and document what people were doing to go green. Now, the couple is working on a new project: The Geography of Youth. This time, they're tackling the world and focusing on the youth. I got to talk to them recently about the project, the gear, and the influences.

Intro Photo by David Wright

Minor Retouching in Photoshop Elements

You don't need extremely high-end editing software to make minor retouches and edits to your photos. In fact, you can still achieve wonderfully pleasing results with something like Adobe Photoshop Elements. Here's a quick run-through that is simple and thorough.

How To Tell a Story Through Photos

 Digging out Sharon AlleyFor years, photos have been used to tell stories in photojournalism and documentary-type photography. Newspaper and magazine editors have sometimes told their staff that they can only accept one image for a story. So there has to be one image that gets it all right. Here are a few different and important features that every photo essay should have.

Photo by Alli77. Please note that all photos in this blog post are entries in the B&H Photo Flickr Group Cold contest.

Ask the B&H Experts!

Have you ever considered purchasing a product and just wanted to ask someone a question about it? Did you know that B&H has an "Ask our Experts" tab on over 200,000 items, which gives you either a number to call or a link to Live Chat, to communicate easily with one of our experts? When in Live Chat, you can choose to talk to a Sales Representative, Customer Service Representative, Product Professional, or the Used/Refurbished Department.

Have any questions? Ask the experts!

B&H Featured Flickr Photos 2/04/2011

Did your photos make the cut this week? Hit the jump to see this week's selection from our B&H Photo Flickr Group. If you haven't joined already, what are you waiting for? Also note that we currently have a contest going on until February 14th where we ask you to show us your best, "Cold" photos. Please remember that the photos need to be submitted to the group with the "B&H-Photo-Cold-Contest" tag and NOT to the discussion board.

Being a Photographic Heretic (Part II of 2)

In my last blog entry, I wrote about my experience as a photographic “heretic” when it came to gear. I was thinking about this after the first annual California Photo Festival. Working alongside the thirteen other pros at that event reminded me of the amazing range of career paths different photographers travel from aspiring photographer to established professional. If I took one lesson away from my chats with the other pros, it was that no single career path is best for all photographers. I was also reminded how much of a heretic I am when it comes to my own career path. 


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