pico projectors

Optoma's New Battery-Powered Pocket Projectors

You've been designated to bring the multiplex to a party or meeting. You could slip this quartet of Optoma Technology pocket projectors into your pockets or select the one that best meets your needs. Each contains a Digital Light Processor that aligns its micro-mirror array to reflect light from an LED, creating the picture.

Aiptek's Handy Notebook Projector

Pico projectors emerged in 2009 as a new category thanks to the convergence of three crtical factors: the white LED as an illumination source, tiny projection chips to form the image, and rising numbers of notebook and netbook users looking to enlarge the picture. Given that the big plus of these wee projectors is ultra portability, how does a manufacturer make them even smaller? One way is by removing the battery, which is exactly what Aiptek has done with the Pocket Cinema T20 LCOS projector.

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