PMA 2009

Cool Cameras at PMA 2009

Many of the more interesting announcements and product rollouts found at this year's PMA show were consumer-oriented. New DSLRs making real-world debuts included the 4/3-format Olympus E-620, which makes claim of being the world's smallest and lightest image-stabilized DSLR. The new camera contains a 12.3Mp Live MOS sensor, a TruPic III+ image processor, a 7-point AF system, in-camera IS, and can capture images as JPEG, RAW, or a combination of the two. As part of the celebration Olympus also introduced a new Zuiko Digital ED 7-14/4 ASPH (14-28mm equivalent) zoom lens, which should take care of all of your wide-angle needs.

Hot Optics at PMA 2009

There was no shortage of lenses at PMA 2009 or teasers behind smudged Plexiglas.Starting with a mock-up of a wide-angle tilt-shift lens for a camera that's still in the prototype stage, Leica is moving forward with lens designs for its medium-format S2. The Leitz Elmar-S 30/3.5 ultra-wide angle tilt-shift lens is a strong indication Leica is serious about bringing out its 39Mp interpretation of the old Pentax 6x7.

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