How I Built My Podcasting Network: Mignon Fogarty

If you've ever searched the web to determine the proper use of a semicolon, or to figure out the difference between "affect" and "effect," then you've likely encountered Ms. Mignon Fogarty, who is better known as Grammar Girl. What's become a media empire started out as a humble, five-minute grammar podcast. One individual with a microphone, an internet connection and a dream. B&H Insights caught up with Mignon to find out how she got her start, how she developed her network, and what she envisions for the future.

B&H Online Videos Direct to the Screen of Your Choice

You may not be aware that B&H Photo regularly creates unique videos that demonstrate features of the products it sells. You'll find the entire library on the B&H Web site at www.video.bhphotovideo.com where, among other options, you can use the Channel Navigator to view programs based on such categories as photo, home entertainment, or computer products.

Invasion of the Grid Controllers!

When the average person takes a look at a grid controller, they're likely to think it's a miniature disco dance floor where your fingers can strut like a young John Travolta. Interestingly, this interpretation isn't too far off. Mass produced grid controllers have only been available for a short time and have proved to be a hit, at least for the small niche of people who already had a need for one. If you have no idea what you're supposed to do with a grid controller, that's okay--you're not alone.

The B&H Blog is finally here!

Steve Schwartz, a 28 year veteran of B&H introduces us to B&H Insights, the official Blog of B&H Photo Video Pro Audio:   

B&H is the Home of the Best Microphone Testing Room in the World

One of the best reasons to visit the B&H SuperStore in New York City is to physically examine the latest equipment for photography, video, personal and home entertainment, and pro audio. Getting to hold the latest DSLR camera in your hands and take a few test shots is the best way to determine if it's the right one for you. But where do singers, producers, and voice over artists go when they need to test out studio microphones and preamplifiers?

Leica S2, First Impressions

I'd barely cleared off my desktop after a short (but sweet) holiday break when Jim Wagner, our dashing Leica rep, called to find out if I'd be interested in spending the afternoon with a Leica S2. In 2 words? "Oooooh baby!"

The DSLR Filmmaker's Workflow

DSLR video has changed the industry. Over the past year, our photographic sensibilities have propelled the moving image-opening the door to a new realm of storytelling possibilities. For photographers, the form factor is comfortable and familiar. The lens selection? A dream come true. Custom color palettes, high ISO capture, all with a professional esthetic rivaling the production values of major Hollywood productions-how could this not be industry changing? Life changing, even?

A Return to Photography with the Sony Alpha A850

"What type of camera do you use? A studio camera? A sports camera? Pro? Pro-sumer? Entry level?" The discussion of photography has changed dramatically in recent years. Dialogue has shifted from concept and intent to hardware and accessories. This talk is common on the internet, in art departments, even in university classes and photo clubs. But when studying an actual image, something changes. We forget the branding and the specs and the marketing hype. Our consideration of time, value, and life is forever altered. We are reminded in fact, that we are human – not studio human, sports human, professional or entry level. We experience things and, in the click of a shutter, can share those experiences with one another.

Nikon's D300s

The Nikon's D300s is an update of the company's popular D300 digital SLR camera, and like its predecessor, the D300s contains a self-cleaning 12.3Mp DX-format CMOS sensor, a dynamic 51-point Multi-CAM3500 autofocus system, and an EXPEED image processor. It is also notably faster and shoots 720p high-definition video. Wait one minute. Is that an arched eyebrow we detect?

The Touch Camcorder That Knows Its Place

Though inexpensive flash memory camcorders have been snapped up by consumers in droves in recent years, even casual users recognize their severe limitations. Typically, these devices offer a lackluster lens, provide only digital zoom, and perform poorly in dim light or an unsteady hand. Manual controls, touch screens, and GPS simply aren't included in the equipment. All this helps explain why cameras that record to tape or hard disks continue to be preferred by home video enthusiasts.


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