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A First Look at Canon's PowerShot G11 & S90

Ever since the introduction of the 3.3Mp PowerShot G1 in 2000, most every succeeding G-series digicam has boasted an ever-increasing pixel count. The G10 capped them all at 14.7Mp. But with the new Canon PowerShot G11, Canon's engineers have reverted to a 10Mp imaging sensor, which contains about a third fewer – albeit larger - pixels than the G10. So, the $64,000 question: How does this pixel-shrinkage impact image quality?'

The B&H Point-and-Shoot Primer - A How-to Guide for 'Simple' Cameras

In general, the menus and exposure options found on point-and-shoot digicams are not all that different. If you can get one up and running, chances are you can get most any of them up and running. The shapes, locations, and nomenclature of the menu buttons and icons vary camera to camera, but the logic behind them are pretty much the same.


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