The Nikon Coolpix P100 is the 3rd generation P-series bridge camera produced by Nikon, and it has certainly learned a few tricks along the way. The P100's 26x zoom lens (26 - 678mm equivalent) stretches the camera’s optical range; and with a burst-rate of up to 10 full-res frames-per-second, it way outruns the P80 and P90. Now we get to the really cool stuff.

2 years ago
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Not long ago, point-and-shoot cameras had zoom lenses that seldom went beyond the optical range of a 35-105mm lens on a conventional 35mm camera. Not so anymore. Thanks to numerous advancements in optical technologies, digicams now feature 8x to 14x zooms that despite their 20-something to 200-300mm-plus focal ranges, still slip easily into your pocket. In addition to HD video, some perform some pretty neat tricks.

3 years ago