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TVs — Up to 19"

Before analog TV broadcasting bit the dust, portable TVs were often seen at a tailgate party or picnic, on a beach blanket or in the backyard. With the switch to digital broadcasting, set owners may as well use them as doorstops. Now, outdoor viewing is back with portable DTVs. With a digital tuner, antenna and rechargeable battery, a portable LCD TV takes advantage of free DTV channels in the air.

Hands On: Flo TV Personal Television

Wireless cable. What a concept! As we increasingly take our media with us, access anywhere has become a near birthright. One laggard has been free mobile DTV. Even if that system, still in its infancy, becomes widespread, cable channels like ESPN and Comedy Central aren’t likely to migratte to free TV. That’s why the pay service Flo TV, broadcast in 112 cities around the country, may appeal to certain types of viewers.

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