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Why Still Photographers Need to Start Adding Video Now

Simply put, the single best thing photographers can do right now to directly improve their business is adding video. Just as digital technology revolutionized the industry a decade or so ago, I strongly believe that fusion products—the combination of still images and motion capture—will soon become the norm in our ever-evolving industry.

The Perfect Posing Guide for Every Photographer

I personally have never shot a “perfect” image, because I believe photography is a life-long learning process. Every day, my work evolves as I learn my craft. My goal is always to improve my skills while “perfecting my work.”

Mom with a Camera

Vik Orenstein is a master portrait photographer who describes herself as a "mom with a camera". She says, "The mom part inspires the artistic part and the photographic part."

This longtime BetterPhoto instructor is also the author of a new book, The Photographer's Market Guide to Building Your Photography Business. Best yet, Vik loves to share her creative vision and her professional insights.

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