Not Your Everyday Holiday Photos

The holidays are coming up! We've got some great holiday offers available right now, but you'll need to find a way to make the most of that new purchase. If you'd like to take better holiday photos, then here are some great tips from Olympus Visionary Jay Kinghorn.

Fun Photography Projects for the Bored Photographer

Shooting the same projects and ideas regularly can become stale. One way to find creative inspiration is by browsing through Flickr and the work of other photographers. If you're still craving a sip of those creative juices, here's a quick list of some alternative project ideas that you may not have worked on.

Breaking the Ice: Photographer-Subject Relationships

We all have shared an awkward silence with perfect strangers on an elevator. We'd just as soon stare at our feet than initiate a conversation. There's some unwritten elevator law that says, "No Eye Contact or Talking is Allowed." I'm the non-conformist who breaks that law and says, "Hey there, how you doin'?"

Three ways to shoot a quick, last minute portrait, ezbox

As the only pro photographer in my neighborhood, I sometimes get asked to shoot a quick photo of an event or a friend at the very last minute. My studio is only 15 minutes away, but I do most of my file processing, printing, and gear prep in my home office. So I keep a small set of portable gear at-the-ready for photographing whatever pops up. This week, one of my favorite neighbors, Anna (whom I affectionately call Anna Banana) was to receive an award at school and hated her school picture that was to go onto the plaque. So, Will to the rescue with an impromptu portrait session in my living room on a Tuesday evening. Yes, even big-time pro photographers shoot portraits in their living rooms sometimes!


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