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High-Quality Product Shots Encourage Swift Online Sales

Sharp, clear, well-lit, and attractive images of the items you offer for sale online are the most crucial elements of successful online sales at sites such as eBay. High-quality images with excellent detail, accurate color balance, and plain, evenly lit backgrounds are much more likely to result in swift sales and may even help you acquire higher prices.

Grass Valley EDIUS 7 Nonlinear Editing Software

When it comes to nonlinear video editing software, the market is somewhat crowded of late, with some of the top names in the industry vying for dominance. One contestant, Grass Valley, may not be as popular as some of their competitors, but their software is nonetheless a long-time favorite among live broadcasters and multi-camera productions.

Avid Media Composer 7

Avid recently released version 7 of its Media Composer software, featuring significant changes to workflow, functionality, and integration. With version 7, Avid continues to update and support its flagship product, responding to user feedback, adapting to the rapidly changing production environment, and preparing for the future needs of its clients.

Ultrabook™ and Video Editing Go Hand-in-Hand

With the explosion of social media sharing sites and the continued growth of popular video-based sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Vines, it’s no surprise that a lot of people are now getting into making, producing, and editing their own homegrown videos. And although you may not find a lot of Coppolas or Kubricks among the crowd, personal video editing is definitely a growing trend.

Hands-On Review: Sony VAIO Boomdizzle

The new Sony VAIO E Series 14” Boomdizzle Edition Notebook is a powerful laptop computer that comes with a matching set of Sony MDR-V55 DJ headphones and a full suite of audio and video production software. A one-year subscription to My Connect Studio is included.

Autodesk Smoke 2013 for Final Cut Pro Editors

Autodesk Product Evangelist Marc-André Ferguson visits the B&H Event Space to introduce Smoke 2013.  You'll see the new timeline based interface and how it integrates with Smoke’s traditional node based interface.  

An Introduction to Photoshop CS6: Learning the Basics of Photo Manipulation

For decades Adobe Photoshop has been an enormously powerful and helpful tool for image makers everywhere. Unfortunately, as each edition has brought new controls and functions, it has also become somewhat daunting to learn how to use the program.

Fix Audio Disasters in Post with iZotope RX 2

When you’re shooting a video or recording music, it’s generally considered taboo to rely on fixing problems in post, rather than getting them right the first time. After all, if you record something properly, there will be no need to fix it later. 

The Role of an Audio Mixer in a Video Editing Suite

Deleted scenes often end up “on the cutting-room floor,” but how did specific pieces of equipment end up on the editing-room desk? It’s common to see a computer keyboard and multiple video monitors on the desk of every video-editing station, but there’s usually another piece of equipment that may seem somewhat out of place: an audio mixer. 

Unify Sound and Picture with Adobe Audition CS6

The worlds of audio and video remain separate entities in most stages of production, even though they eventually become one, and can only be judged as a whole in the final steps before completion. 


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