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A professional photographer is someone who can take a photograph that's technically and aesthetically right on the money with even the most basic of imaging tools, though few, if any, would bet their reputations on entry-level cameras on a regular basis. That's because as feature-packed as under-$500 cameras are, they're simply not up to taking the pounding pro-quality DSLRs are subjected to on a daily basis. But ruggedness is only part of the equation when it comes to the top guns of DSLR cameras.

3 years ago
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Having two eyes allows us to see in 3D. Depth perception, or the third dimension, is formed when the brain combines the slightly different images seen by each eye into a single image. One of the simplest but most effective demonstrations of stereoscopic imagery is presented by the classic Viewmaster® toy, which has been on the market for many decades.

4 years ago