Professional video

RF Extreme RFX-NLL-II and Pro-Link HD for Broadcast Professionals

It’s impressive how news crews can descend upon a scene and broadcast live video within minutes of their arrival. This is made possible in part by the use of wireless broadcasting equipment that can put you on the air in no time. Digital video and audio can be transmitted from roaming camera crews for live-to-air transmission for viewing on a remote monitor or for immediate reference on a laptop computer. RF Extreme’s RFX-NLL-II and Pro-Link HD can make it all happen.


Sony HDR-AX2000 Hands On

You gotta' love the rapid pace at which technology is advancing. Prosumer video cameras today can be even better than some of the professional cameras of only a few years ago, and the line between prosumer and professional keeps blurring more and more each year.  Judging by the upcoming Sony HDR-AX2000 prosumer video camera, the accelerated pace of technological advancement shows no sign of slowing.

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