Real Exposures

Real Exposures: Ryan Brenizer

In this episode of Real Exposures, David Brommer talks to famed photojournalist and wedding photographer Ryan Brenizer. They talk about the Brenizer Method; film vs digital; never getting bored when shooting; his mentors and influencers; and what he's working on, going forward.

Plus, you'll get special insights into what some of Ryan's favorite gear is.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the episode.

Real Exposures: A Conversation with Vincent Laforet

Recently, our very own David Brommer chatted with famous photographer and cinematographer Vincent Laforet. They discussed filmmaking, creativity, technology, his photographic upbringing, and his new book, Visual Stories.

Get into the mind of the master himself. Check out the video after the jump.

A Chat with Photographer Harvey Stein

Watch Episode One of "Real Exposures"Join us for an in depth conversation with the acclaimed photographer, teacher, and author Harvey Stein in our new video series entitled Real Exposures. Find out what drove Harvey to walk away from his MBA and a career in engineering to pursue photography in his late 20's. He shares how and where he finds inspiration, his camera and lens choices for capturing people on the street, and how photography saved his life...

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