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It's Getting Funky at B&H!

If you could travel back to the year 1953, what would you do once you arrived? I don't know about you, but I'd immediately try to purchase some classic microphones. The desire to go back in time to buy recording equipment is what pushes the microphone manufacturer Telefunken. They're well-known for making some of the world's best sounding recreations of classic mics, and for producing new models that draw heavily on their vintage expertise. That's why we're proud to announce that B&H has become a Telefunken dealer!

SSL’s X-Desk Vs. 9000J – An Analog Summary

Can a modern product like SSL’s X-Desk really compare with their classic large format consoles? If so, you may finally be able to mix through the same mix bus as the many of the best engineers in the world.  I put the X-Desk’s summing to the test against the 9000J, and also did some serious thinking about this seemingly stripped down mixer.  I’ll do my best to provide an accurate summary of its analog summing.

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