Grace Awards B&H as Dealer of the Year

We are very honored to announce that the Pro Audio Department at B&H has received the Dealer of the Year Award for sales and service from Grace Design. As a premier manufacturer of microphone preamps and monitor control systems,

NAB 2010 Roundup

Every April, those involved in professional audio/video recording from broadcasters to event videographers converge onto Las Vegas to check out what hot new product will best improve their productions. A candy store for film and video professionals, NAB is the first place for the industry to decide what to purchase and what new technology is on the cutting edge. This year NAB seemed to focus on 3D television and improved support for DSLR camera's with HD video capabilities.

Gallery of Cool Looking Microphones

The Neumann KU 100 Dummy HeadNo, B&H does not sell mannequin parts (at least, not that I'm aware of). The Neumann Dummy Head is a stereo microphone that's designed to capture sound the same way human ears do. It can be used to create incredibly realistic sounding ambient recordings, but more importantly, the microphone itself is really, really cool looking. We thought it would be fun to round up some of the more interesting looking microphones available at B&H and make a gallery to show them off...

Studio Monitors

eyechart with jblDo you have 20/20 vision? If you do, consider yourself lucky. Nothing is stranger than sitting with an optometrist and seeing things more clearly when you thought your vision was fine before you walked in. Your ears are similar. You never know what you’re missing until they have been introduced to a brand new sound perspective.

The Sweet Sounds of HD - Recording Great Sounding Audio with the Canon EOS 5D MkII

The EOS 5D Mark II, one of the latest offerings from Canon, is the world's first dSLR camera to offer Full HD video recording capability. But what if you want to capture great sounding audio to accompany your great looking video? The 5D MkII records stunning video clips at a 1080p resolution with a frame rate of 30fps, but the audio is recorded with a tiny built-in mono microphone. Thankfully the camera also includes a stereo 3.5mm microphone input that will enable you to capture much better audio than that offered by the built-in mic. Shooting video on the MkII is very easy.

Camcorder Settings and Features You Should Know

You're in the market for a camcorder, but you aren't sure what format to choose from, or which features will be important to you. It's tough to encapsulate the top questions our customers ask when shopping for camcorders, and it is impossible to throw it all together in one article. This primer is for the person looking to either upgrade or purchase a new video camera. We hope it will prepare you with the technical jargon and make your final choice much easier.

Recording Electric Guitars at Home

The electric guitar is a compelling musical instrument with a complex, ear-arresting and immediately recognizable sonic signature that has continuously evolved, on record or in concert, since someone attached an electro-magnetic transducer to a big, hollow archtop acoustic guitar more than 75 years ago, during the Big Band era.


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