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They say you should learn something new every day. And if you're a photographer, learning new things about the tools and techniques of picture taking ultimately manifests itself in the form of better pictures. That goes for pros and amateurs alike. A trick here, a bit of common sense there, and before long your pictures start taking on quality characteristics they might not have had earlier on. And that's what 'Rules of Thumb' is all about.

2 years ago

A well-known photographer was once quoted as saying, “... a good photographer on the wrong side of the fence is a bad photographer." Maybe that's true, maybe not. However, if you extrapolate that thought, it can be interpreted to mean not only knowing how, when, and where to shoot, but when and where not to shoot, when to say something to a client and when to keep quiet. In short, sometimes it's better to be prudent than to be good.

3 years ago