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Real Exposures: Ryan Brenizer

In this episode of Real Exposures, David Brommer talks to famed photojournalist and wedding photographer Ryan Brenizer. They talk about the Brenizer Method; film vs digital; never getting bored when shooting; his mentors and influencers; and what he's working on, going forward.

Plus, you'll get special insights into what some of Ryan's favorite gear is.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the episode.

Creating a Panoramic Portrait in Photoshop Elements

Not long ago, we brought Ryan Brenizer into the B&H studios to talk about the Brenizer Method. This technique involves taking numerous photos in a panoramic portrait and stitching them together in Photoshop. However, you don't necessarily need Photoshop to stitch the photos together as this can be done with Photoshop Elements. As we've stated before in our posting on Minor Retouching, many of the features that most people need and use can be done with the more affordable option.

The Brenizer Method: Panoramic Portrait Shooting

Not long ago, we spent some time with famed wedding photographer and guest blogger Ryan Brenizer. One of the reasons why Ryan is famous is because of his unique style of shooting portraits known across the net as the Brenizer Method. Ryan talked with us about the gear he uses to do it, how he came up with the idea, the post-production phase, and also gave us some tips for beginners. Take a look at the video after clicking Read and Discuss.

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