A Portrait Safari in Downtown Manhattan with 'Lighten Up and Shoot' and the B&H Event Space

Shooting portraits can be a challenge—but the kind folks over at LightenUpandShoot and the B&H Event Space teamed up to try to help attendees of a recent Photo Safari. Starting in the West Village of New York City on a bright sunny day, the safari visited some hot locations such as Washington Square Park, Cooper Union, and Thompson Square Park. So just how did this event help to make people better portrait shooters?

Navigating the Grand Central Photo Safari

Have you ever been on a safari with B&H? Our safaris, run by the B&H Event Space, aren't for the weak of heart—you'll be tasked to search for priceless artifacts, untold treasures, and Pegasus, amongst other things. At least that's how it was on our recent Grand Central Photo Safari Adventure, where many people posted their best images, and some won prizes!

 Photo by Jaydorfmanphotography (first place winner)

Photo Safari Anyone?

Got a hankering to go on a safari in Africa? If so, check out Shutterstock's 2010 Photo Safari Contest. Co-sponsored by Shutterstock, B&H Photo, and zozi. The winner of this contest will win bragging rights to a week in South Africa photographing wildlife more exotic than the species that skirt the tracks on the 'F' Line in Manhattan. It's easy to enter, open to all, and if you win they'll even let you take your significant other.

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