Sandy Puc'

Emotionally In Focus vs. Technically In Focus

Photographers are, in many ways, perfectionists. We thrive at manipulating every detail of our surroundings to exact personal preferences. We tweak, nudge and adjust things over and over again until everything is exactly the way we want it. We shoot hundreds upon hundreds of images with the hopes of capturing a few that live up to our own impossible standards. 

Proven Tricks and Toys for Kids and Family Sessions, by Sandy Puc'

A majority of the portraits I capture involve young children, who almost always present their own unique challenge. Simply getting the young ones to the studio can be a challenge in itself for Mom or Dad, so it’s to your benefit to go out of your way to make the session a positive and entertaining experience.

The Perfect Posing Guide for Every Photographer

I personally have never shot a “perfect” image, because I believe photography is a life-long learning process. Every day, my work evolves as I learn my craft. My goal is always to improve my skills while “perfecting my work.”

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