selective focus

Get Creative with Depth of Field and Selective Focus

From the very first time we pick up our cameras, we discover the importance of focusing on the main subject. It’s one of those intuitive bedrock foundations of Photo 101 and it becomes ingrained in our brains as an essential rule that we live by for the rest of our lives. Specifically, we learn that when shooting people or animals, we generally want to land the point of sharp focus right on the eyes. 

Old Bikes and Bokeh

The other day, while I was out riding my old Schwinn, I had a work-related "Ah-hah!" moment despite the fact that the B&H Employee Handbook explicitly prohibits doing company business on personal time. But when one enjoys what one does for a living, it invariably spills into one's personal life, even when riding an old bike along a tree-lined canal trail.

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