KSM32/SL Project Studio Vocal Kit

This B&H kit combines the elements you'll need to bring quality vocal recordings to your music in one convenient, money-saving package. Based around the Shure KSM32/SL microphone, the kit also includes the PreSonus Studio Channel, the sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro, pop filter, headphones and mic cable. 

How to get a Presidential sound

When the president of the United States speaks, the world listens, so long as the mic is on. Since 1968 that mic has been the Shure SM57 in a dual configuration. Dual mics add redundancy, and frankly, a sense of importantance. 

One SM57 is usually wired to house audio, and the other to a breakout box which is fed to media outlets. In all the years I've been watching Presidents talk (since Carter!) I've never heard a dropout or tech failure--a salute to the rock solid reliability Shure SM57s have.

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