Taming those Harsh, Midday, Summertime Blues

June is the hottest, harshest month of the year. The heat and humidity index might be higher in July and August, but light-wise, June is hands-down hotter and harsher. What I'm referring to is the quality of light that washes down upon us as the sun rises to its highest midday point in the sky—and the net effect of all this bright, high-angle light, photographically speaking, is an excess of blue tint and harsh contrast levels.

Filtering in Real-Time

 In a perfect world you don’t need a filter. Your lens, even the most basic of kit lenses, comes pre-coated to minimize flare and color aberration. And when not in use, every lens comes with a lens cap that protects the front element of your lens and never ever unknowingly falls off your camera as you stroll down the boulevard. But we don’t live in a perfect world so forget about all of the above. (And by the way, I think you just lost your lens cap)

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