Tablet with a Twist

While a certain slate computer that rhymes with "rad" has been criticized for lacking such standard notebook features as a camera, multitasking, Flash support, USB inputs to attach peripherals, and video outputs like HDMI, the HP TouchSmart tm2 Notebook PC (tm2-1070us) has them all. Call it a laptop and a tablet. Whatever you call it, this convertible has to be one of the more innovative notebooks to come along in some time.

Production Essentials: The Pearstone Slate

The Pearstone SADC-711Just about everyone on the planet is familiar with clapper slates, but few people understand why they're used on set. Now that video-enabled DSLR cameras are at the top of many people's wish lists, the need for clapper slates has never been greater. In this post I'll test out the Pearstone SADC-711 clapboard slate, and let you know why it's an essential item for any serious video shoot. Lights, camera, blog post!

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