Sony NEX-3

Still photography just got a major upgrade. By downloading a free firmware upgrade from Sony, Nex-3 and Nex-5 owners who have been confined to capturing pictures in two dimensions (width and height) can add depth. Viewed on a big-screen 3D TV from Sony, Panasonic or Samsung, among other manufacturers, the third dimension can elicit jaw-dropping reactions from viewers. I should know. I just witnessed my first 3D slide show.

2 years ago

When trying out a new camera – especially a new system camera such as Sony’s latest NEX-series cameras, it’s important to maintain an objective perspective by consciously filtering our thoughts through the objectively-oriented right side of our brains. This is especially true when toying with a system that has been declared by some as being a game-changer weeks before it even hits the streets.

3 years ago
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