Multi-Room Wireless Audio Systems

At the beginning of 2013, I wrote an article about all the latest home and portable entertainment announcements that were made during CES 2013, in Las Vegas. Searching for a thread that tied the whole show together, I suggested that “total connectivity” was the pervasive theme of the year’s show. The influence of smartphones, tablets, and mobile device apps was ubiquitous.

Stream Music in Any Room with the Bose® SoundTouch Wi-Fi Music System

The Bose® brand is synonymous with innovation. Every one of their speaker systems is as surprising as it is impressive. Bose systems are continually evolving and the company is always at the forefront of the latest trends. The Bose SoundTouch line is one of the most impressive and unique multi-room audio solutions released this year.


Unveiled: Bose® in the Battle for Multi-Room Wireless Audio Domination

When you think of multi-room wireless audio, one of the first brands that comes to mind is Sonos. Sonos came into the multi-room and wireless audio game early, and have never let go of the reins. But Bose®, long known for superior, room-filling sound, is ready to take the reins and ride with their new SoundTouch™ systems.

Unveiled: Bose® Lifestyle® Series Home Entertainment System

Bose®, long known for exceptional audio products, announced three new home entertainment systems today that will take your home entertainment sound quality to new levels. If you were looking to upgrade your system with some serious acoustics, Bose has a system for you.

Wolverine WIOS-2 Wireless Indoor-Outdoor Stereo Speakers: Enjoy Them Anywhere

The unifying theme I perceive in the Wolverine catalog is that they either improve how we capture media, improve how we back up media or improve how we share media. The Wolverine WIOS-2 Wireless Indoor Outdoor Stereo Speakers definitely broaden the range of where you can share music.

Hands-On Review: the Jawbone Big Jambox Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Jawbone's Big Jambox offers a vast improvement over the built-in speakers of portable devices. It features modern design elements that enhance any environment, and can easily pair with any Bluetooth devices or connect to any device with a standard 3.5mm output.

NAMM 2013 Wrap-Up: The Future of Live Sound

As Digital Signal Processors (DSP) and wireless technology continue to advance independently, manufacturers are striving to design products integrating a symbiosis of both. This was a clear theme among live-sound products being introduced this year at NAMM. Go Digital or Go Home!

Live Sound Reinforcement from PreSonus

This week at NAMM, PreSonus is rolling out some new live sound gear for the New Year. They’ve gone for the gold, creating an entire sound system: a digital mixer, powered full-range mains and a powered sub.

New Studio Monitors from PreSonus

This year at NAMM, PreSonus is unveiling their first safari into the vast jungle of active studio monitors. After the success and acclaim of their monitoring controllers, such as the Central Station, this seems like a very sensible step. This debut includes two lines of studio monitors, an entry-level and a professional-level.

Holiday 2012: Gifts for the Corner Office Executive

When you shop for gifts for your loved ones this holiday season, you can’t forget the corner-office executives on your holiday list. These weekday warriors toil in their towers day in and day out, chipping away at their piles of paperwork—don’t  they also deserve some nice holiday cheer?


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