Zooming in on 2 New Sigma Lenses

Sigma has announced two new zoom lenses and a USB dock for updating the lens firmware and adjusting parameters via new software. The 17-70mm f/2.8-4.0 DC MACRO HSM / OS HSM is a standard DSLR zoom from Sigma’s Contemporary line.

Tips from the Pros: Capturing Better Winter Sports Photos

The winter is coming! Many of us love going out into the snow and taking part in all sorts of fun sports. Whether it's skiing, snowboarding, etc, we all ahve our own passion and we all want to capture the moment.

Here are a couple tips on how to capture better winter sports photos from some top industry professionals.

How I Got the Shot: Chris Nicholson on a Leap of Faith by Gaël Monfils US Open

The US Open is happening right now. Some photos really blow us away, like the one above from Chris Nicholson. He previously wrote about other tips for shooting tennis, but we decided to talk to him about how he got the shot above of Gaël Monfils taking a dive.

Interviews with the PDN 30: Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher is a recent recipient of the PDN 30 Photographers to Watch award. His specialty is also pretty cool (pun totally intended)—Mark specializes in ski photography, and also captures the portraits of various athletes. But beyond this, Mark also shoots various lifestyle projects.

We recently reached out to Mark, and he chatted with us about the gear he uses, ski photography, and wanting to have a baby despite his busy career life.

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Photographing Tennis

Gael Monfils, US Open, photo © 2011 Chris NicholsonWith the US Open having wrapped up in New York yesterday, I thought I’d share some of the lessons I’ve learned in my 16 years of shooting this game. If you’re interested in pro-sports photography, you can put these tips to use—just about everyone in the U.S. lives near a pro tournament, and tennis is arguably the most accessible sport for a ticket holder to photograph. Additionally, these tips apply to shooting players of all levels, so bring the camera to your area club or public court, too.

While you’re out there, here are five things to watch out for. If you can avoid these mistakes, you’ll be on track to make some great tennis photos.

Winter Sports Photography with Dan Carr

Brrrr! It's winter, and there is bound to be snow, or you may be vacationing in a snowy region, for some good old skiing or snowboarding. I recently got to talk to Dan Carr, the famous winter-sports photographer, about himself, his photography, and some basic tips for enthusiasts.

A Trio of Water-Loving Camcorders

If you’re a fan of water sports or if you’ve ever damaged a camcorder by getting it wet, you’ll be happy to know that DXG is offering a handful of camcorders that are just as happy to work 10 feet underwater as they are on dry land. Best of all, they’re all high definition and they all cost less than $125.


Capture the Action in Full HD

The television-broadcast world is nearing the end of its HDTV revolution. Almost every show on TV is now broadcast in HD. It’s time for consumer video gear to catch up. While most consumer-grade camcorders record in HD, many of the niche-type video recorders, such as those you can wear, are not yet capturing HD. But the Drift HD170 is.


Go Hands-Free with uCorder IRDC150 and IRDC250 Wearable Camcorders

Want to remain hands-free while you record video footage? A few weeks ago I wrote about camcorders that you can wear. One was a helmet cam, another was a pen that records video and the third was a pair of sunglasses that capture video. Those posts generated quite a bit of reader interest in other forms of wearable camcorders, so I decided to write about some more of these increasingly popular items.


Video Sunglasses Allow Hands-Free Shooting

It’s difficult to hold a camcorder while, say, climbing up a sheer face in Yosemite. But there are many camcorders on the market that allow hands-free operation. The LOREXvue Video Sunglasses will capture video while freeing your hands up for other duty. You put them on, turn them on and shoot video, all while doing whatever else you like. Whatever you see, the camera sees and captures.



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