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High-Quality Product Shots Encourage Swift Online Sales

Sharp, clear, well-lit, and attractive images of the items you offer for sale online are the most crucial elements of successful online sales at sites such as eBay. High-quality images with excellent detail, accurate color balance, and plain, evenly lit backgrounds are much more likely to result in swift sales and may even help you acquire higher prices.

Creative Vintage Fun: Non-Reflective Embossed Velour Backgrounds from Impact Studio Lighting

Impact Studio Lighting, which provides quality lighting equipment and accessories for photographers, has just created a line of Embossed-Velour Backgrounds in a convenient 9 x 12-foot size. The new seamlessly designed Impact backgrounds are constructed from one piece of polyester nylon and feature large, highly visible embossed-velour patterns.

Hands-On Review: the Priolite Leipzig MBX500 2-Light Kit

The Priolite Leipzig MBX500 2-Light Kit is a professional, portable solution to lighting for photography in a studio or on location. The power source is built in, and the included batteries power the kit's two monolights for 220 full power flashes, 440 flashes at half power, or thousands of flashes at the lowest power.

Ikan LED Studio Light with Touch-Screen Dimming

Industry leader ikan has announced two new LED studio lights, expanding its already impressive inventory of fixtures and lighting kits. The unique aspect of both lights is the inclusion of an LCD touch screen control panel, which replaces the knobs and switches located on the back of the older units.

Getting Started with Softboxes

Larry Becker of Kelby Media explains the importance in this video of using softboxes as you move your speedlights off camera in the studio. When you're trying to light your subject, a soft, diffused light is almost always going to look better than a harsh, pinpoint light that creates hard shadows and extremely bright areas. 

Holiday 2012: Better Product Shots

Whether it be jewelry, posters or a shiny model car, when selling an item online, the better your photograph of that product, the better your chance for a sale. It’s just simple math.

Holiday 2012: Home Portraiture and Lighting

We took a few minutes to speak with Mr. Joey Quintero, professional photographer and lecturer at the B&H Event Space, about ways we can improve our photography, especially in terms of portraits and basic lighting techniques.

Impact Beauty Dishes and Accessories

Impact has recently introduced a full line of beauty dish reflectors and accessories to help control the light output of a studio strobe unit. These tools are compatible with a wide array of studio strobe lights and each piece is modular to enable use of the same beauty dish with a variety of different lights.

Portable, Cool and Functional: the Bescor LED-500

The Bescor LED-500 lighting kits are powerful lighting solutions that use substantially less power and radiate much less heat than comparable incandescent lighting sources.

Studio Lighting Essentials Part 3

Join Lindsay Adler for an educational presentation about the essentials of studio equipment, techniques and concepts of lighting.


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