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Hands-on Review: Impact VSD Digital Monolight

An affordable, reliable, studio monolight unit ideal for potraits of all sorts. Available in 160, 300, and 400 watt/sec kits.

Hands-on Review: Impact Universal Filter Holder

The Impact Universal Filter Holder is a portable frame that allows for diffusion, color and lighting effects.

Hands-on Review: Impact Mini Boom Lights

The Impact Porcelain Socket is the foundation for all the photo-flood kits. Easy-set up that allows for studio quality results.

Hands-on Review: Impact Digital Light Shed

A lightweight folding dome for shooting an assortment of items. Ideal for jewelry, online auctions, or cataloging inventory.

The Bescor LED-200: a Bright, Portable Power-Sipping LED Panel

If you are the type of filmmaker who winds up in unpredictable locations and needs something more powerful than an on-camera light, but doesn’t have the time to run stingers all over the set, then the Bescor LED-200KB Kit might be just what you are seeking.

Studio Essentials: Equipment, Techniques and Concepts

Join Lindsay Adler for an educational presentation about the essentials of studio equipment, techniques and concepts. This seminar will be a combination of lecture and demonstration in which Lindsay will be shooting tethered so you can see the setup and immediate resulting image. This class will not focus on rigid formulas to determine lighting setups, but instead will take a more relaxed and practical approach to the subject.

Tips on Shooting Product Photos for eBay

If you're selling used gear online, there is no reason why you shouldn't have photos that effectively showcase your item. Here are several budget-friendly items, and some tips on how to create professional-quality photos which stand out from the rest.

A Few Quick Lighting Tips For Studio Photographers

Sure, you can spend thousands of dollars on studio lighting gear that will help you get great shots. But for about $30, you can pick up a cool lighting accessory – Venetian blinds – that will help you create creative lighting effects even when you are shooting with only one light. I got mine at The Home Depot.

Want to Learn About Studio Lighting for Free?

On June 11th, 12th, and 13th, Atlanta GA based photographer Zack Arias will be teaching a three day studio lighting class at creativeLIVE.com for free. Zack will be covering everything from white seamless backgrounds, models, posing, and more. If you're not familiar with creativeLIVE, it's a website dedicated to sharing information about creative production for everything from shooting DSLR video to making smartphone apps. Viewers are encouraged to chime in with questions as the live broadcast takes place... 


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