Add-On and Converter Lenses

Add-on and converter lenses are camera accessories that often get lost in the shuffle. It’s easy to identify the need for an extra memory card, a camera case, an extra battery, a dedicated flash or in the case of an SLR, an additional lens or three as add-on options for your camera.

How to Make Your Digicam See Wider & Tighter

We're big fans of pocket cameras simply because, unlike bulkier DSLRs, they're more likely to be handy when you need them. With the exception of newer point-and-shoot digicams and bridge cameras with10x-, 15x-, and 20x-plus zoom lenses, most pocket cams come up short when it comes to satisfying wider angle and/or longer telephoto needs. If your digicam features a threaded lens mount or accessory ring,  Zeikos offers a selection of optical extenders that enables you to capture wider fields of view—including fisheye—as well as longer telephoto shots.

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